If you need to add a Read More link to your Articles and display it on the Front Page or as a News Article as a synopsis and want to be able to display the rest of the text if you click on the Read More link then Joomla! has an solution for you.


Create a New Article and add Content to it as you would do normally. Choose a Category and a Section


Select where the Article needs to be divided for for the Read More link.


At the bottom of the Editor there's a Button called Read More that makes use of a Special Plug-In that divides the text into two sections, the synopsis and the full Article. Click on the Button it will add a Dotted Red line with indicates where the Article is splitted

Example 1

Example 2



Thank you but there is a problem and I want your help.
When I link the images inside my article from my back-end and I click the readmore button in someplace. the images link inside the article in the front page but it do not link in the intro text \"
The read more text\"?? How can I fix that. I want the pictures in the intro text to link as it link in the article page.

Thanks in advance.
i did the step above but readmore is not shown in my site,please tell me what might be the problem with it.

Thanking you!!
Anonymous wrote:
More details please, also try using a different template to see if the problem occurs again